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AI Use Case

Enhance product and service offering

Enhance offering by embedding AI tools and big data (e.g. improve search)


R And D

Product Management


Revenue - Customer experience,Revenue - Product optimisation,Revenue - Customer proposition optimisation (content)

Case Studies

Aylesbury Vale District Council~Aylesbury Vale District Council's services team now replies to residents’ questions almost two times faster using deep learning algorithms,"Under Armour~Under Armour is leveraging machine vision and learning to provide UA Record™ app users with enhanced coaching on sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition",The US Tennis Association~The U.S. Open enhances and personalises the customer experience by offering fans content in near real time with IBM Watson. ,Virgin Trains~Virgin Trains streamline the labour intensive admin tasks to improve customer service while reducing man hours per day by 90% through cognitive learning,Uber~Uber Eats improves estimated time of delivery information accuracy by 26% using machine learning algorithms,Local Motors~Local Motors offers mobility to people with disabilities through a 3D printed autonomous vehicle with natural language processing ,Google Android~Android is planning to extend battery life in its mobile phones by implementing convolutional neural networks developed by DeepMind,"Google~Google's Gmail automated composition feature has led to 10% of English language replies being machine written and human approved, speeding up email composition",Honda~Honda equips its NeuV concept vehicle with an emotion engine to facilitate automated driving ,Stanley Black & Decker~Stanley Black & Decker reduces product creation lead times and costs with machine learning generative design software ,Adidas~Adidas learns from its consumers' design creation to better anticipate future demand trends using machine learning,Mercedes-Benz~Mercedes-Benz learns driver and passenger preferences to provide a personalised and connected experience using machine learning and conversational agent,All England Lawn Tennis Club~The All England Lawn Tennis Club assists attendees navigate the venue with an event specific conversational chatbot,Adore Me~Adore Me generates product insights by determining customer sentiment with a 92% accuracy based on natural language processing analysis of thousands of reviews ,Cisco ~Cisco improves its online conferencing platform using accurate voice and chat assistants ,Dubai Airport~Dubai Airport improves customer waiting time and baggage tracking through out the airport using machine learning and visual recognition,Dubai Airport~Dubai Airport enhances customer experience by doing predictive maintenance using machine learning,Charlottesville’s Champion Brewing company~Champion Brewing uses machine learning to create what they consider the perfect IPA beer - the ML IPA,Verizon~Verizon monitors and optimises network performance in real-tim using machine learning to analyse network interface data,Target~Target increases express shopping via Google by 20% with personalised recommendations using machine learning,Toronto-Dominion Bank ~Toronto-Dominion(TD) Bank plans to offer personalised recommendations for its customers using deep learning ,Stitch Fix~StitchFix designs clothes for underserved customer segments using genetic algorithms,Autodesk~Autodesk redesigned iconic Scandinavian design chair achieving 18% less volume; 90% decrease in max displacement; and 79% in von Mises stress with generative design model ,IUT Annecy~IUT Annecy aims to beat the current record for the fastest bicycle travelling across flat road by creating the optimal aerodynamic design using machine learning,"Tailor Brands~Tailor Brands creates, schedules, and optimizes content to share on social networks",MIT~MIT Researchers design tool to optimise product designs according to optimal efficiencies and performance objectives ,Facebook~Facebook optimises experiments for server performance and ranking improvement using reinforcement learning

Potential Vendors

DigitalGenius,IBM Watson,IBM,Celaton,IBM Watson,DeepMind Technologies,Cocoro SB,Autodesk,Nuance,IBM Watson,Yotpo,Splunk,Google,Autodesk,Neural Concept,Facebook


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

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