AI Use Case

Enhance search process for new molecular structures

Machine learning can be used to speed up the product research and development phase of the chemical industry.


R And D

Core Research And Development


Revenue - New product,Cost - Targeted Trials/ Precision testing

Case Studies

University of Glasgow~Researchers at the University of Glasgow develop platform to locate new molecules using machine learning,Monsanto~Monsanto plans to increase agriculture product research using Second Genome to predict outcomes of protein use ,Kebotix~Kebotix aims to speed up materials discovery with machine learning ,California Institute of Technology~Scientists develop an artificial neural network that can identify handwritten numbers and molecular handwriting ,DeepMind~DeepMind develops a highly accurate machine learning method for predicting protein structures,University of Glasgow~Researchers at the University of Glasgow have developed an AI-powered robot to discover new molecules from known chemical reactions


Basic Materials


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Model Architecture - Deep Neural Networks

Potential Vendors