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AI Use Case

Forecast product / service demand levels

Analyse business indicators to forecast likely demand ranges for products and / or services.



Marketing Research Planning


Operational Support - Demand forecasting

Case Studies

Danone~Danone increased product demand forecast accuracy to 92% with a 55% improvement in net uplift from promotional events using machine learning ,Big River Steel~Big River Steel makes more accurate demand predictions using machine learning,Danone~Danone reduces forecast error and lost sales by 20 and 30 percent respectively and achieves a 10 point ROI improvement in promotions with machine learning,Viacom~Viacom reduces video start delay by 33% by improving video streaming using machine learning to analyse network performance and resource utilisation,Granarolo~Granarolo reduces inventory levels by more than 50% and cuts capital and lead time in half using machine learning ,Coca-Cola~Coca-Cola achieves 6 percent additional revenue with 15 percent fewer restocking trips by identifying the right product and placement using intelligent vending machines,Northwestern University~Researchers from Northwestern University achieved 88% accuracy predicting Amazon bestsellers with machine learning,20th Century Fox~Fox predicts likelihood of watching movies at theatres based on trailers with machine learning

Potential Vendors



Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

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