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AI Use Case

Identify persons of interest to law enforcement through facial recognition

Identification of "persons of interest" for law enforcement to intercept or track through facial recognition is a high profile use case for AI. Inevitably the debate about the trade-off between individual liberty and security effectiveness plays out differently according to local political expectations. In addition, actual levels of accuracy are a concern both in terms of effective implementation but also civil liberties (algorithmic bias is especially concerning on different ethnic faces for example). In some countries such as China emphasising the supposed effectiveness of the algorithms is a key part of national security communications strategy.



Risk reduction - Real time awareness,Operational Support - Issue triage

Case Studies

"Jiangxi Province Police~Jiangxi Province Police in China used facial recognition technology to identify and arrest a single person of interest in a concert crowd of 60,000 ",US Federal Bureau of Investigation~FBI maintains law enforcement database searchable by facial recognition ,New York Police Department (NYPD)~The NYPD searched through surveillance footage using facial recognition ,Orlando Police Department~Orlando Police Department cross-references faces against persons of interest in a pilot use of facial recognition technology,US Department of Homeland Security~Homeland Security tests facial recognition technology around the White House,Chinese Government~Chinese facial recognition technology mistakes businesswoman's face on bus ad for someone actually jaywalking ,Rose Bowl Stadium~The Rose Bowl stadium featured a facial recognition technology to track Taylor Swift's stalkers during her concert ,London Metropolitan Police~The London Metropolitan Police trial facial recognition in central areas to identify wanted persons during the holiday season,International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children~International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children,Conservation X~ChimpFace to identify illegal chimp trade on the internet using facial recognition technology ,Michigan State University~LemurFaceID identifies an individual lemur with 98.7% accuracy using facial recognition technology ,Chinese Government~Chinese authorities trial facial recognition technology to identify parallel traders at Hong Kong-Shenzhen border , Malaysia Auxiliary Force Sdn. Bhd.~Malaysia's Auxiliary Force improves pubic security by equipping officers with ,"Government Technology Agency Singapore~GovTech Singapore to instal facial recognition technology to 110,00 public lampposts",The Government of Zimbabwe~The Government of Zimbabwe to leverage facial recognition technology for security purposes and building a national image database,HM Prison Service~HM Prison Service trials facial recognition to identify visitors and reduce contraband,South Wales Police~South Wales police had a 92% false positive rate using facial recognition at the 2017 Champions League final,Chinese Government~The Chinese government is profiling a Muslim minority group with the use of facial recognition technology ,"New York Police Department (NYPD)~NYPD has made 2,878 arrests in five years using facial recognition technology"

Potential Vendors

IBM,Amazon,Amazon, YITU Technology, CloudWalk


Public And Social Sector


Data Sets


AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,Machine Learning (ML)

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