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AI Use Case

Identify risk of surface visible disease via camera phone

Monitoring of body (eg iris photos or skin conditions) to predict potential for issues of medical concern. May be time relapse dependent (eg size of mole over several days) or point-in-time diagnosis (e..g iris photos). Can be deployed as an app in some circumstances.



Risk reduction - Predictive diagnosis,Operational - Service / outcome scaling,Operational Support - Issue triage

Case Studies

University of Washington~Researchers at University of Washington explore diagnosis of early onset of pancreatic cancer by identifying increased bilirubin levels in sclera from selfies with 89% accuracy,Google~Google Research detects diabetic eye disease as well as leading ophthalmologists with machine learning

Potential Vendors



Healthcare Providers And Services

Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product Type - Vision ,Product Type - Vision - Image classification,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,Product - Data Capture - Mobile

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