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AI Use Case

Manage premium and risk pricing for underwriting

Optimise premiums and risks by granular understanding of the individuals and their propensity to claim.


Legal And Compliance



Cost - Fraud reduction,Revenue - Pricing optimisation

Case Studies

Aviva~Aviva offers up to 30% discounts on insurance premiums based on actual driving behaviour that is monitored and analysed through machine learning,AXA~AXA used deep neural networks to increase the predictability of a customer large traffic accident from 40% to 78%,Allstate~Allstate is offering pay-as-you-drive plans based on measurement and analysis of customer real-time driving behaviour resulting in up to 30% reduction in premiums,QBE Insurance Group ~QBE group plans to measure risk at individual level to calculate optimum premium price using machine learning

Potential Vendors



Financial Services


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Traditional AI,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Grouping - Clustering,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification

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