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AI Use Case

Measure biometric and neurological response in product pre-testing

Leveraging neuroscience and biometric sensors to understand how proposed content impacts on audience’s responses remains at an early stage of development. Marketing executives enjoy the quasi-scientific output and CFO's typically wince at the cost but AI potentially enables this to be scaled.


R And D

Product Development


Revenue - Higher response rates,Cost - Targeted Trials/ Precision testing

Case Studies

"Walt Disney Company~Disney researchers identify, track and predict movie audience enjoyment using facial recognition",Smashbox~Smashbox cosmetics improves mobile app conversion rates by 27% using eye-tracking technology to improve customer user experience

Potential Vendors



Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product - Eye Tracking,Product - Data Capture - Bio Sensor,Product - Data Capture - Actigraph,ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,Product Type - Vision

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