AI Use Case

Monitor patient prescription compliance

Monitoring and prompting prescription compliance. This will impact both on patient recovery rates but also potentially lowers the risk of folllow-on issues such as antibiotic drug resistance.



Risk reduction - Recovery rate

Case Studies

"Blue Cross Blue Shield~Blue Cross Blue Shield reduced post hospitalisation costs by over 20% by driving patient engagement with digital post care programs using smart devices, sensors and machine learning ",Banner Health ~Banner Health saves $29m in three years by helping avoid hospitalisation for patients with multiple chronic conditions by remote monitoring of vitals and analysis with machine learning ,Abbvie ~Abbvie achieves 90% cumulative medication adherence among patients with schizophrenia using image recognition



Healthcare Providers And Services

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Vision - Face Identification,Product Type - Vision - Object detection,ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,Product - Chatbots,Model Architecture - Deep Neural Networks,Traditional AI,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),Product - Data Capture - Actigraph,Model Architecture - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Potential Vendors