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AI Use Case

Optimise campaign channel mix

Determine and optimise the channels to reach customers with certain characteristics.



Campaign Management


Revenue - Better targeting,Revenue - Higher response rates,Revenue - Sales effectiveness improvement,Cost - Improved advertising efficiency,Cost - Better targeted spend (eg marketing)

Case Studies

Sears~Sears exceeded the target customer numbers in 50% less time by better segmenting customers to improve loyalty programme and marketing campaign effectiveness with machine learning,Investing Channel~Investing Channel increased campaign content engagement 4x by optimising target audiences with real-time data using Nielsen AI,"Cosabella~Cosabella increased ROAS to 336% by segmenting target markets, and optimising channel selection, campaign content, and paid search using Adgorithm's deep learning","Westwing~Westwing, analyzes cross-device integration data using Google analytics in order to market consumers more effectively."

Potential Vendors

Nielsen AI,Adgorithms,Google


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

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