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AI Use Case

Optimise clinical trial design including patient selection

Optimise design of clinical trials, including label writing and patient selection



Risk reduction - Patient outcomes,Risk reduction - Clear decision trails,Operational - Faster system build / test / deploy

Case Studies

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company~Takeda partners with Numerate to improve pharmaceutical clinical trial efficiency by using AI to inform design decisions,Roche~Roche plans to reduce time-to-market for oncology medicine by streamlining clinical trial process with machine learning,Amazon~Amazon announces its Comprehend Medical platform to analyse unstructured medical texts

Potential Vendors

Numerate,Flatiron Health,Amazon



Pharmaceuticals And Biotech

Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Traditional AI,Product Type - NLP - Text Entity Extraction,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),Product Type - NLP - Semantic Search,ML Task - Prediction - Regression

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