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AI Use Case

Optimise merchandising product mix

Determine the optimum product and service mix for maximising LTV and reducing churn. Determine optimum packaging of products.





Revenue - Higher response rates,Revenue - Customer experience

Case Studies

Otto~Otto predicts with 90% accuracy what products will be sold within 30 days driving automated purchasing and reduction of annual returns by 2M,Adidas~Adidas tests an interactive and virtual retail display wall for footwear optimising inventory displayed with machine learning that results in a smaller foot print store,DeepMagic~DeepMagic offers a fully automated retail pop-up store which uses facial and image recognition to identify customers and determine what they pick up and put down,"HARPS~Harps Food Stores, increases sales by 5% by optimising decision-making around pricing and promotions using machine learning"

Potential Vendors

Blue Yonder,Intel,Daisy Intelligence


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Images

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

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