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AI Use Case

Optimise search results

Optimise online search results - possibly the most frequently experienced form of AI for consumers. Frequently the optimisation is focused on maximising commercial marketing returns.



Digital Marketing


Revenue - Personalisation,Revenue - Customer experience,Revenue - Product optimisation

Case Studies

Expedia ~Expedia optimises its best fare search results using machine learning ,Pinterest~Pinterest enhances image search by not only searching for matching items but also related items such as suggesting recipes for grocery items doubling the click-through rates,Disney~Disney enhances the search feature in online stores by adding image search and text tagging using machine learning,Airbnb~AirBnB achieves gains in bookings using machine learning models to improve property search results,Airbnb~Airbnb improves search results ranking with the use of deep learning,Dropbox~Dropbox optimises document ranking and retrieval features with the use of machine learning ,Facebook~Facebook's Marketplace achieves a nearly 100% increase in consumer engagement using computer vision and natural language processing,Monster~Monster achieves 20% increase in job applications worldwide with machine learning

Potential Vendors




Internet Services Consumer

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Text,Images

AI Technologies

Traditional AI,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,Machine Learning (ML)

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