AI Use Case

Optimise staff and resource planning

Develop plans with deep historic insights into previous plans and performance to generate forward looking insights.


Human Resources

Employee Relations


Cost - Asset uptime optimisation,Operational Support - Process visualisation,Cost - Staff efficiency

Case Studies

Gold Coast Health~Gold Coast Health saves $3m per annum in operational costs by forecasting patient arrival rates at emergency care using machine learning,Mercy Hospital Fort Smith~Mercy Hospital Fort Smith improves patient flow and throughput in the ER to improves LWBS rates by over 30% using machine learning,Natividad Medical Center~Natividad Medical Center reduces time to see doctor by 20% and left without being seen rates by 42% by optimising patient flow and resource allocation in ER,"Hong Kong Metro System~The Hong Kong Metro saves 800,000 hours annually by optimising engineering work scheduling and resource allocation with AI",Aviva~Aviva accelerates from 400 to 10 days post-merger organisational planning and employee data integration with the use of machine learning,DM Drugstores~DM drugstores optimises shift planing in retail stores using advanced prediction modelling


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

Potential Vendors