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AI Use Case

Personalise advertising and recommendations to target individual consumers

Personalise advertising and recommendations to target individual consumers. This might be based on a wide spectrum of data (mobile, social media, location, etc.) but much will be based on website analytics and tracking widget deployment.



Revenue - Personalisation,Revenue - Better targeting,Cost - Reduce wastage

Case Studies

First Book~First Book increases repeat sales by 331% and revenue by 35% by targeting customers who are more likely to do repeat business using machine learning,Toutiao~Toutiao personalises newsfeeds for each of its 600M users using machine learning,Toutiao~Bytedance ranks web content according to the preference of each user by analysing their behaviour using machine learning ,Lufthansa~Lufthansa launches interactive ads to attract new customers using natural language processing ,Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA~Norwegian increases public awareness of new new non-stop routes by 94% with the use of AI

Potential Vendors

Arjuna Solutions,IBM Watson,LoopMe


Consumer Goods And Services

Media And Publishing

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Regression,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning

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