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AI Use Case

Personalise product recommendations to target prospective customers

Personalise product recommendations and advertising to target individual consumers who are not yet customers (according to pre-defined internal data - this may not necessarily be the consumer's perspective).



Campaign Management


Revenue - Personalisation,Revenue - Sales effectiveness improvement,Revenue - Customer experience

Case Studies

Carrefour~Carrefour increased online sales by targeting customers on multiple devices ,TGI Friday's~TGI Fridays creates a customised beverage recommendation system on the restaurant's mobile app ,Google YouTube~Google YouTube drives 60% of video clicks through its machine learning recommendation system for users,Amazon~Amazon provides customers with product suggestions according to its recommendation algorithm which improves upon machine learning techniques to scale with its large product catalogue,Smashbox~Smashbox cosmetics improves mobile app conversion rates by 27% using eye-tracking technology to improve customer user experience,My Beauty Matches~My Beauty Matches drives higher conversion rates and life time value for retail partners using machine learning to personalise customer recommendations,Target~Target increases express shopping via Google by 20% with personalised recommendations using machine learning,Baidu~Baidu improves ad targeting for its online users resulting in increased advertising revenue through deep learning ,"Cosabella~Cosabella increased ROAS to 336% by segmenting target markets, and optimising channel selection, campaign content, and paid search using Adgorithm's deep learning","Namaste Technologies~Namaste Technologies plans to increase average order value, customer retention and conversion rates using machine learning through acquisition of Findify technology",Sears~Sears exceeded the target customer numbers in 50% less time by better segmenting customers to improve loyalty programme and marketing campaign effectiveness with machine learning,Rooms To Go ~'Rooms to go' uses Machine Learning to offer tailored add-on options to customers,Amazon~Amazon makes personalised product recommendations to customers with machine learning,"Trulia~Trulia achieves double-digit increase in consumer engagement through a more personalized, predictive experience using machine vision",Atolla Skin Lab~Atolla identifies skin health issues and recommends skin care products using machine learning

Potential Vendors



Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning ,ML Task - Grouping - Clustering,ML Task - Prediction - Regression

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