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AI Use Case

Pilot military vehicles - on land, sea, air and space

Growing field of military vehicle automation. A key question is the degree of autonomous decision-making on fire / no-fire lethal decisions. The key benefit of reduced risk to military personnel is not likely to be equally true of opponents. Growing legal and moral questions likely an area of rapidly diverging decision-making across nation states and, potentially, non-state actors.



Risk reduction - Reduce environmental physical risk,Cost - Job automation

Case Studies

"British Army~The British Army is operating an unmanned air vehicle which is able to take-off, fly and land autonomously",M Subs Ltd~M Subs Ltd provides AI-powered situational awareness technology to unmanned vessels in the Plymouth Sound harbour

Potential Vendors

Thales Group,Thales Group


Public And Social Sector


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Video

AI Technologies

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