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AI Use Case

Predict maintenance on network assets

Predictive maintenance predicts when network nodes are in need of maintenance, what sort of maintenance, the likely maintenance and replacement materials, and technician skill sets.



Network Operations


Operational - Increased machine uptime,Cost - Lifecycle maintenance support cost reduction,Cost - Asset uptime optimisation

Case Studies

Guilford College~Guilford College improves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless services using machine learning,Verizon~Verizon monitors and optimises network performance in real-tim using machine learning to analyse network interface data

Potential Vendors

Mist Systems


Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

ML Task - Grouping - Anomaly Detection,Machine Learning (ML),Traditional AI,ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning ,ML Task - Prediction - Regression,Model Architecture - Artificial Neural Network (ANN),Model Architecture - Deep Neural Networks,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification

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