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AI Use Case

Predict risk from natural disasters such as wildfires

Predict risk from natural causes such as wildfires, using data from a wide variety of sources such as satellites and environmental sensors and often building on other data models - for example likely weather patterns. Predicting likely wildfire movement for example can have huge impact on human safety and resource deployment.



Risk reduction - Reduce environmental physical risk,Operational Support - Process visualisation

Case Studies

Google~Monta Vista High School students build a model to predict wildfires using Google Tensorflow,Harvard University~Harvard university seismologists developed a deep learning algorithm to predict the location of aftershocks with an AUC of .849,Google~Google predicts river floods and their severity using AI based forecasting models,One Concern~One concern optimises emergency crews distribution during natural disasters with machine learning ,Los Alamos National Laboratory~Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory identified a sound pattern that indicates slippage and fault failure using machine learning,University of Bristol~University of Bristol Researchers detect possibility of volcanic eruption using neural networks,Technical University of Berlin~Researchers at Technical University of Berlin monitor 17 volcanoes worldwide using machine learning

Potential Vendors


Public And Social Sector


Data Sets

Images,Time series,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

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