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AI Use Case

Rank content for social media feeds

Successful social media sites tend to have more content available for users than all but the most addicted (and socially restricted) could possibly read. This means that they have to use multiple indicators to power the algorithms that rank the content displayed. In this they are in a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the content marketeers trying to game the system.


R And D

Product Management


Revenue - Customer experience,Revenue - Personalisation,Data - Data mapping / labelling

Case Studies

Facebook~Facebook improves user experience using ranking algorithm to optimise content based on user behaviour,Facebook~Facebook optimises experiments for server performance and ranking improvement using reinforcement learning

Potential Vendors



Consumer Goods And Services

Media And Publishing

Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured,Images,Video,Audio

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Regression,ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning ,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification

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