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AI Use Case

Search and capture knowledge from the world wide web

Searching for data from 3rd party sources on websites to capture, and potentially quantify, knowledge


Information Technology

Knowledge Management


Data - Data enhancement,Data - Data mapping / labelling,Data - Text mapping

Case Studies

Primer AI~Primer AI improves coverage of women of science using natural language processing,ACD Working Group on Artificial Intelligence - National Institutes of Health~Advisory committee to the National Institutes of Health to identify health needs in search query data in the US using machine learning ,Cornell University~Researchers identify healthcare knowledge gaps in Africa using search query data

Potential Vendors



Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product Type - NLP - Semantic Similarity,Product Type - NLP - Semantic Clustering,Product Type - NLP - Semantic Search,Product Type - NLP - Text Mining,Product Type - NLP - Topic Modeling,Product Type - NLP - Text Entity Extraction,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning

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