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AI Use Case

Suggest potential customer question responses

Bots will listen in on agents' calls suggesting best practice answers to improve customer satisfaction. Putting the right data on the operator's screen to ensure they are prepared with the context of the call to speed resolution and maximise likelihood of customer satisfaction.


Customer Service

Contact Centre


Cost - Better targeted spend (eg marketing),Revenue - Customer engagement

Case Studies

Magoosh~Magoosh supports agents with answers to 83% of ticketed enquiries and halves the customer requests queue with internal chatbot for agents,TravelBird~TravelBird reduced call centre average handling time by 30% while reaching 90% customer satisfaction using automated customer service response handling,Humana Inc.~Humana achieves 28-percent increase in customer satisfaction by coaching agents and supervisors in real-time by recognising emotions from customer voice,Monzo~Monzo is enhancing its customer service with the use of machine learning

Potential Vendors



Data Sets

Audio,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Product Type - Speech,Product Type - Speech - Recognition,Product Type - NLP - Text Classification,Product Type - NLP - Topic Modeling,Product - Voice Transcription,Algorithm - Embedding,Product - Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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