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AI Use Case

Translate languages in real time to facilitate understanding

Use AI to provide real time translation services. This has both B2C and B2B applications. Current depth of access on traditional language pairs - e.g. English: Spanish - are being extended to other languages, although many cross-translations pass through English.


Customer Service



Risk reduction - Real time awareness,Revenue - New service,Data - Text understanding

Case Studies

Indian Army~Indian Army plans AI driven translation to communicate with Chinese soldiers in real-time,Google~Google Translate reduced translation errors by more than 55% in its translation services using Recursive Neural Networks,Pinterest~Pinterest enables its customer service team to offer international customer service in 28 different languages using machine translation,Microsoft~Microsoft launches deep learning based local language translation service in India supporting 22 languages ,"Facebook~Facebook improves fast, accurate translations for more languages using unsupervised machine learning ",Microsoft~Microsoft enables real-time subtitles on Skype video chat software ,Rosetta Stone~Rosetta Stone identifies objects for real-time translation using object recognition technology,Google Android~Google launches two apps for the hearing impaired on its Android phone

Potential Vendors



Data Sets


AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product - Customer Service,Product Type - Speech - Recognition,Algorithm - Bag-of-words model

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