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  • Spot emerging trends

How do you make money in AI?

  • Work out the right product-market fit
  • Discover the right vendor set
  • Determine the economics at work

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Best Practice AI Advisory Services

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a set of data tools that use pattern recognition to make predictions. These predictions have a level of confidence that will support decision-making or automated activity. We can help explain in non-technical terms what AI is and what it will mean for your organisation.
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How can I use AI?

AI is a set of data tools, using pattern recognition to make predictions. See how AI data tools can be deployed in over 580 use cases. Over 800 case studies show how other organisations have tried to make this happen.
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How can I deploy AI?

To make AI work you need to align 5 factors across your organisation: being clear on your objective, aligning your people,investing in the right technology, mobilising the right data and operationalising the results.
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We help organisations accelerate the adoption of practical, ethical and ROI based AI solutions.

Recent case studies

Wingate & Finchley F.C. determines best formation and style of play based on AI coach
DXC Technology automates triage of support tickets using machine learning
AXA UK saves 18,000 people hours in six months by deploying bots to handle repetitive tasks
Researcher at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre identifies possible signs of suicidal thoughts in public posts using machine learning
Cargill offers facial recognition technology for farmers in collaboration with Cainthus
Aravind Eye Hospital identifies eye complications arising from diabetes with a 97.5% accuracy using machine learning
Allen Institute for AI develops drawing-guessing game to study people-software collaboration using machine learning
The Salvador Dalí Museum enhances visitor experience through a lifelike of the artist on screens throughout the museum
The Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court adopts judge assistant powered by AI
Intuitive AI develops system that tells you how to sort your garbage in real time using computer vision
Pearson is automating adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring with the us of AI
Facebook attemps to assess suicide risk of its users based on their public posts on the platform using AI

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