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Corporate Programme Management

AI Use Cases

Automate key workflow steps in the M&A process

Corporate Programme Management

Automate key workflow steps in the mergers and acquisition (M&A) process (e.g. document capture) . Banks such as Goldman Sachs can reduce reliance on relatively expensive staff doing low value-add tasks.

Automation of documentation steps for IPOs

Corporate Programme Management

Automation of documentation steps for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of new shares to financial markets helps free up relatively expensive staff time. Automated processes help ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance matching (like arranging and tracking legal and compliance reviews, filling in forms and generating reports).

Automate the coordination of team schedules


Machine learning used to analyse and co-ordinate team schedules across multiple software platforms (eg Google calendars, Trello etc). Service will typically schedule meetings across teams, often on the basis of analysed emails - current internal use focus will expand.

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